Monday, April 13, 2009

Wedding Season

This year's wedding season has officially started and it looks like it will be a record-breaker for yours truly. I recently received 2 invitations to weddings in the in May and one in June. I will attend at least 2 others later in the year...including a starring role as a groomsman in my cousin's wedding in October. Here's a picture from the last wedding I was a part of...
This is the "crazy shot" picture from my friends Chris and Amanda's wedding in Hawaii last summer. I think the picture turned out really well. We're all crazy and have having fun in the sun and whatnot. I actually didn't think the picture was going to turn out at all. Worse, I thought I might have ruined it. I am the one leaping there in the middle. On the first try I misjudged my leap, didn't go up high enough, was off center, and accidentally landed on the gown a little bit (oops, sorry Amanda). However, we did a retake, I nailed the jump like Tonya Harding sticking a triple axel, and photographic history was made.

(ps-I didn't take the picture myself...I stole it from Facebook...)

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