Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Golden Gate Bridge

When I visited my (step)brother Chris and step-sister-in-law Cristina over the Fourth of July weekend last summer, I was very excited to see the Golden Gate Bridge in-person for the first time. I was driving, so I gave my camera to Cristina so she could capture the moment. I could not be happier with the results.
Here you can see a silver and black Ford Mustang. Alcatraz is off in the distance, obscured by the light pole.

Here is a Toyota Prius or a Yaris. We talked about it and aren't sure.

You can see the luggage rack of a Ford Explorer in the bottom left-hand corner.

The Nissan Altima in the foreground was really something to see.

I really wasn't expecting a see a gray-blue Honda Odyssey when I woke up that morning. Boy, was I surprised.

I've always been fond of the back third of any Toyota Camry. This one was pretty neat.

They just don't make bridge railings like they used to.

My ear looks particularly orange in the afternoon sunlight.

Close up.

You can tell I am excited as we are trailing behind a Toyota Corolla.

There's that sharp lookin' Corolla. Oooh, look at that mustard-yellow Volvo trailing the silver Audi All-road ahead on the left.

Lookie there! The Corolla is making friends with a Volkswagen Jetta. Awwwww.

Mr. Mustard Volvo is back. Hey there white utility van!

I am at the controls of the Mini-Cooper.


There were alot of friendly cars out on the bridge that day. I sure am glad we got pictures of all of them.


Thanks Cristina!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Is the person who is moving to LA making fun of traffic?! Next time I'll let SF know that a big time LA lawyer would like some alone time on the bridge for car free pictures. Or better yet, bring some more of LA with you so that we can have the standing traffic that you are used to. It's easier to frame a shot when the car isn't moving! Any more making fun of my pictures and the next time we are in LA I'm taking pictures of EVERY tree...

Chapmaster said...

Hmmm...I was not intending the last post to be a comment on traffic in San Fran. It was more of a parody of the results of your photography. And I would like to see your pictures of the trees in Santa Monica to see if they are better than your fantastic shot of the rear 1/4th of a speeding Toyota Camry. :)