Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chapmaster the psychic?

I loved working this summer in LA. However, there was one day when I was a bit bored, and thought to myself while walking into the office, "Maybe there will be an earthquake today to make things a little more interesting." And sure enough, at 11:36am that day, LA was hit by an earthquake. That's some psychic shit.

I didn't feel the quake because I was walking outside next to loud traffic and didn't realize what was happening. But everyone back up in the office got quite a scare. Up high 15+ floors the office was rocking and rolling. People got under their desks, stood in doorways and said that they could see the walls moving. So that was Exhibit #1 showing that I am a bona fide psychic.

N0w, on to Exhibit #2. A few coworkers and I had a end-of-the summer celebration which included a rousing game of beer pong (at my residence at the luxurious Lucretia Gardens) and a visit to the Dodgers game.

Well, here is the psychic part. The game we went to was the Phillies vs. the Dodgers. And now, the Phillies are facing the Dodgers in the NLCS. And at the game we went to, the Dodgers won in the 9th inning on a home run by Manny Ramierez. So I, psychic Chapmaster, hereby predict that the Dodgers will WIN this series vs. the Phillies in 6 games, thanks in large part to Manny, and go on to the World Series.

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