Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The shot 10/7/2008: After quite an interesting journey to Norway this weekend, we finally got back to town today around lunchtime. I am pretty exhausted...it seems like we were on trains or busses or being rained on the whole weekend. All-in-all it was a good trip though and will provide for lots of good material.

A major plus over the weekend was going into internet cafes and seeing everyone's comments and watching the homepage counter jump from 22 on Thursday to over 300 today. I have some more tricks up my sleeve so keep checking back when you're killing time on the internet.

But for now I am going to concentrate on getting my first full night's sleep in 6 days. I humbly submit to you today's moneyshot, which I took on Sunday in Lillehammer, Norway. Lillehammer was the site of the 1994 Winter Olympics...but as you can see here, skiing weather is a still a few weeks away.


Anonymous said...

Nice picture. Who is the guy in it?

Chapmaster said...

That's Andrew, taking lots of pictures.