Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I would like to wish my big-sister Sara a "Happy Birthday"!
I would like to also take the opportunity to remind everyone of the time circa-1987 when dad took us through the drive-thru of Burger King and only got of one small bag of fries for us to share and I was absolutely starving and you totally hogged almost the whole bag and took way too many...way more than your fair share. In law school-speak I would say that you took advantage of your superior bargaining power and had callous disregard for the needs of those less fortunate than you.
I can only hope that since now you have children of your own you can learn to bring the ideals of fairness and sharing into your life.
I hope you had a great day sis! :)


Anonymous said...

i'm gonna miss these blogs pal.

Anonymous said...

I still blame Dad for this. Clearly I was bigger than you at the time and required more food to stay alive. I was merely trying to survive, since our parents so cruelly denied our frequent requests for fast food.