Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The answer to the last post about the photo with 4 houses: The third house from the left is the "crooked" house in Cork. It is leaning/slanted. However, upon further review of my photo, it's pretty hard to tell. So if you didn't get it, no worries.

I am currently in the London-Standsted airport. I will be staying here overnight so I can catch my 6:20am flight back to Cork. I am flying Ryanair, so of course the airport is inconveniently located. The airport is about 45 minutes from central London, and the only option to get me here in time for the flight was to arrive the night before and spend the night in the airport. So right now I can choose between sleeping on the cold fake-marble floor or using the Internet. There is no way for me to upload pictures using this terminal, so this post will be lacking the usual standard of photographic excellence you have gotten used to on

London was really cool. My short two day visit gave me a good taste of what it's like to be a Londoner. A few thoughts: 1. it is expensive here, but not THAT bad. the pound has recently lost some value, which helps for anyone coming from a country using euros or dollars; 2. it's nice to be in a big, major city were English is the native language (as opposed to Paris or Rome, which are cool, but language is a big obstacle); 3. the illogical obsession with the monarchy continues (I have been quoted as saying that I hate three things: chapstick, NBA basketball, and the Royal family); 4. it was really, really foggy on Tuesday, but a nice and sunny Wednesday made up for it; 5. London may be the most multi-cultural city I have ever visited (now I sound like Thomas).

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