Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My continuing cultural relevance...

There have been two rather exciting updates on the "We Are The World Front." Check this post and 3 follow-ups for context.

First: Andrew and I went to a local pub the other day with some friends for an "International Student Society" event. (It's still weird the be considered an "international student".) We were leaving the pub when our friend Giulia, from Italy, started humming a song. Andrew, recognizing the tune, said "What are you humming?"

Giulia: "'We are the World' by Michael Jackson."
Andrew: "You like that song??"
Giulia: "Yes, of course. It is a very popular song in Italy. Everyone likes it. It is a Christmas song, you know, peace, love..."

BOOM. 1 point for Chapmaster. With my taste in music, I be a huge success in Italy. (Remember when I said that I threw 2 coins into the Trevi Fountain?)

: This update is courtesy of my friend and classmate Andrew (back in the US, not the Andrew here in Ireland who got his nose waxed in a previous post). This poem is Andrew's Christmas present to me. I didn't know he was a budding poet...

I awoke to the sounds of CNN,
In a long period of slumber I had been,
Listening to the interview of Quincy Jones,
They were discussing We Are the World and Tom's headphones,
I had a good laugh and thought of Steve Chapman.

DOUBLE BOOM: I was practically featured on a 24 hour cable news network and it was so moving, it drove people to write poetry. That's F-ing beautiful.

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