Friday, December 5, 2008

visitors #1

We've had a handful of visitors from the USA come see us in Cork and we've met other USA friends elsewhere in Europe this fall. I will honor them with their own individual blog posts...

First up: my former boss Kristi and her mom Judi. Kristi discovered quite by accident that we would all be in Rome at the same time. Kristi and Judi were on a tour of Italy and Andrew and I were in Rome for Halloween. Kristi and I discovered via text message and Facebook that there was only one evening where our trips would overlap in Rome. My night was already planned, but I was able to shuffle things around and zip over to their hotel in a cab. We got a drink in the hotel bar (thanks Judi) and discussed the good ole days in Kirkwood and Novi. Kristi is the person who, for better or worse, introduced me to the world of immigration law. I was a newly graduated Russian and International Business major with extensive FedEx shipping skills, looking for a job in a city with few Russians and even fewer people doing business with Russia. (Tom, feel free to correct my grammar.) Kristi was the only one who took a chance on me...and probably the only one who read my resume. Low and behold it's 4.5 years later and I am about to embark on a career in immigration law. Here's a pic the barman snapped of the three of us:


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