Monday, December 15, 2008

Ole Bessie Lou finally died

The screen on Ole Bessie Lou (see earlier post) finally blacked out on me. It went from working intermittently to not working at all. In fact, now if the screen does light up for a few moments, a black spot appears in the right hand corner and creeps up the screen, eating away the color. It also gives off a pretty bad burning smell. I'm no computer expert, but I don't think the burning smell is a good sign.

I guess the timing is alright, as I'm about to enter the final segment of my trip. The school semester has ended. I'm leaving for London tomorrow and will be there for 2 days. Then a quick stop back in Cork one last time before I head to Dublin, then Paris, then home!

I've thought alot about what I am going to do with this blog once I get home. I know that I want to keep it going ...but since my main topic of conversation (the trip) is coming to an end, I'm not really sure in what capacity it will continue. I have a whole list of blog ideas and half-written posts I haven't gotten around to finishing--and there are many things from the trip I didn't get to write about. So that will keep me going for awhile. But I don't want to get too we'll see.

See if you can tell what's wrong with one of the buildings in this picture.

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scheff said...

Then I guess I'll wish you a nice journey home and a merry christmas!
And keep your blog going :-)