Tuesday, December 2, 2008

tools for procrastination...

For all those looking to delay the start of their workday/homework/exam studying, I humbly suggest these entertaining diversions...

(thanks to Lauren for tipping me off to this one)

(an old classic)

www.builtstlouis.net (if you're interested in St. Louis or architecture)

www.theonion.com (the gold standard)

Geraldine McQueen
: "The Winner's Song"
This video features English comedian Peter Kay and is a parody of all the "American Idol"-type shows in Britain. It reached #1 in the UK a few weeks ago. Anyone who is a watcher of American Idol will probably like it.

The Pogues:
This is an Irish band that was big in the early 90's, broke up, and then got back together not too long ago. Here's a song I heard in a pub a few days ago and have been slightly obsessed with ever since: "A Rainy Night in Soho". This song, "Fairytale of New York", is a Christmas favorite over here and has recently been voted #1 Christmas song. Oh, and check out the lead singer's teeth for a special treat...

Sex on Fire:
The Kings of Leon is an American band from the South. They're hugely popular over here. When I left the U.S. they weren't popular there...but maybe that's changed. All I know is that this song is played everywhere in Cork right now. On TV, radio, in shops, at clubs, etc. "Sex On Fire".

Strange Irish song that I kinda like: "Sweet Sweet Kisses" by Duke Special


Anonymous said...

put the Pogues with Duke Special and his dreds and you might have something! don't they play Enya over there?

Chapmaster said...

haven't heard enya. rock bands play at the university and in town pretty frequently. i've seen commercials for "riverdance" and some production called "celtic woman" which seems enya-ish.

oh, and i think Elton John is coming to Limerick, so that's a pretty big deal.