Sunday, December 14, 2008

Criminal Justice Clinic Christmas Dinner/Party - UCC Cork, Ireland Dec. 11, 2008

The semester ended last week and our Criminal Justice Clinic celebrated with a Christmas Dinner and Party. It was also a sort-of "goodbye" party for me and Tom...since Tom was leaving the next day and I'm not far behind. We had a great time with our class all semester, both in class and going to many placements around Cork, observing the Irish criminal justice system first-hand. Here are some of the pics from the festivities... you can see the rest by clicking this link:

Tom, Dorothy (the program coordinator), and I enjoy the Christmas festivities at The Bailee.

The organizers, Louise and Grace

Ciara and Avril.

Tom and Miriam

Tom, Alan and Louise

Tom, me and Brian

Brian, David, Tom's hand

Tom and Ciara prepare to do battle in the greatest of Christmas traditions...sumo wrestling.

me (wearing "big velvet" -- the jacket I only bring out for very special occasions), David and Tom

The lads enjoying a Japanese dinner at Wagamama

I (not too surprisingly) got separated from the group and didn't get to say "goodbye" to anyone :( So I'd like to take this opportunity to say that it was great getting to know all of you and I had a great time in Cork this semester. It went by way too fast! Have a great spring, good luck finishing the LLM...and if I ever get arrested in Ireland I'll be sure to call one of you guys first. If you're ever in St. Louis or, after next fall, in LA, look me up. Feel free to Facebook me, and I'll accept unless you're Grace.

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